Katzmann, Friedrich°

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KATZMANN, FRIEDRICH ° (Fritz ; 1906–1957), Nazi official, ss and police leader in the Radom district of the General Government from 1939 to 1941 (see *Poland, Holocaust Period). He joined the party in 1928 and the ss in 1930. In 1941 he was appointed ss and Police Leader in the newly occupied district of Galicia. In this capacity Katzmann brutally and ruthlessly organized the destruction of its local Jewry. According to Katzmann's report (Nuremberg document L-18), 434,329 Jews were deported (ausgesiedelt) by June 30, 1943, and 21,156 were placed in 21 labor camps, but this number was being steadily "reduced." After the war Katzmann lived under the assumed name of Bruno Albrecht but confessed his true identity before his death in Darmstadt.


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Katzmann, Friedrich°

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