Grumman, Bob 1941-

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GRUMMAN, Bob 1941-

PERSONAL: Born February 2, 1941, in Norwalk, CT; son of F. William (a Connecticut State labor department employee) and Evelyn (a homemaker and secretary; maiden name, Sherman) Grumman. Education: San Fernando Valley Junior College, A.A., 1979; California State University, Northridge, B.A. (English), 1982. Politics: "Constitutional Anarchist." Religion: "Scientific Materialist." Hobbies and other interests: Tennis, jogging, bicycling.

ADDRESSES: Home—1708 Hayworth Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33952-4529. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: Datagraphic Computer Services, North Hollywood, CA, delivery boy, then computer-operator, 1971-76; Charlotte County school board, Punta Gorda FL, substitute teacher, 1994—. Military service: U.S. Air Force, 1960-64, became A1C.


Poemns (visual haiku), privately published, 1966.

Preliminary Rough Draft of a Total Psychology (theoretical psychology), privately published, 1967.

A Strayngebook (children's book), Runaway Spoon Press, 1987.

An April Poem (visual poetry), Runaway Spoon Press, 1989.

Spring Poem No. 3,719,242 (visual poetry), Runaway Spoon Press, 1990.

Of Manywhere-at-Once, Volume One (memoir/criticism), Runaway Spoon Press, 1990.

Mathemaku 1-5 (mathematical poetry), Tel-Let, 1992.

Barbaric Bart Meets Batperson and Her Indian Companion, Taco (play), Stage Whisper, 1992.

Barbaric Bart Visits God (play), Abscond Press, 1993.

Rabbit Stew (play), Hairy Labs Publishing Company, 1994.

Mathemaku 6-12 (mathematical poetry), Tel-Let, 1994.

Of Poem (textual poetry), dbqp press, 1994.

Mathemaku 13-19 (mathematical poetry), Tel-Let, 1996.

(Editor with Crag Hill) Vispo auf Deutsch, Score Publications/Runaway Spoon Press, 1995.

(Editor with Crag Hill) Writing to Be Seen, Volume 1, Light & Dust, 2001.

Columnist, Factsheet Five, 1987-92, and Small Press Review, 1993—.

WORK IN PROGRESS: The Atlantreality Box, a science fiction novel; further volumes in "Of Manywhereat-Once" series; Shakespeare and the Rigidniks, a dtudy of cerebral dysfunction with regard to the Shakespeare authorship question; collected plays; A Total Psychology.

SIDELIGHTS: Bob Grumman told CA: "The Search for Truth and The Pursuit of Beauty are what give any semblance of meaning to my life; the first has made me spend most of my adult life, on and off, on trying to put together a formidable and thorough original theory of psychology, and wishing I could do the same for physics; the second has made me write and draw two crude unpublished comic books and a children's book for adults, produce numerous illumages (works of visual art) of all kinds, write over ten full-length unproduced plays and a 200,000-word science-fiction novel; and compose numerous poems of all varieties, but notably infraverbal, visual, mathematical, cryptographic and other forms of burstnorm poetry. Consequently, I have spent my life under the poverty line."