Field, (William) Todd 1964-

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FIELD, (William) Todd 1964-

PERSONAL: Born February 24, 1964, in Pomona, CA; married Serena Rathbun, July 25, 1987; children: three, including Alida P. (daughter). Education: Attended Southern Oregon State University; American Film Institute, M.F.A., 1995.

ADDRESSES: Home—ME. Agent—Endeavor Talent Agency, 9701 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

CAREER: Actor, producer, director, photographer, and jazz musician. Actor in films, including (as crooner) Radio Days, 1987; (as bellhop) The Allnighter, Universal, 1987; (as David Schreiner) Gross Anatomy (also known as A Cut Above), Buena Vista, 1989; (as Robert Wilson) Fat Man and Little Boy (also known as Shadowmakers), Paramount, 1989; (as Anthony Glenn) Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy (also known as KIA), 1989; (as Johnson) Full Fathom Five, Concorde, 1990; (as Todd Brand) Back to Back, Concorde, 1990; (as Cecil) Queens Logic, Seven Arts, 1991; (as Richard) The End of Innocence, Skouras Pictures, 1991; (as The Dog) The Dog, 1992; (as Mike McCaslin) Ruby in Paradise, October Films, 1993; (as Duane) Sleep with Me, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), 1994; (as Tim "Beltzer" Lewis) Twister, Warner Bros., 1996; (as Frank) Walking and Talking, Miramax, 1996; (as Chase) Farmer and Chase, Arrow Releasing, 1997; (as Jimmy Warzniak) Broken Vessels, Unapix Entertainment, 1998; (as Nick Nightingale) Eyes Wide Shut, Warner Bros., 1999; (as Todd Hackett) The Haunting, DreamWorks Distribution, L.L.C., 1999; (as Thad Davis) Net Worth, Curb Entertainment, 2000; (as Mr. Walsh) New Port South, Buena Vista, 2000; (as Toretti) Beyond City Limits (also known as Rip It Off), 2002; and (as Dr. Bell) Alphawave, 2002.

Actor in television series, including (as Andres Johansson) Lance et compte (also known as Cogne et gagne and He Shoots, He Scores), 1986; (as Kevin Davis) Take Five, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), 1987; (as Ray "Rake" Monroe) Danger Theatre, 1993; and (as David Caselli) Once and Again, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), 1999-2000. Actor in made-for-television movies, including (as Neil Barton/Adriano Pabrizi) Student Exchange, ABC, 1987; (as David Yates) Jonathan Stone: Threat of Innocence (also known as Frame Up), National Broadcasting Company (NBC), 1994; (as Bob Younger) Frank and Jesse, Home Box Office (HBO), 1994; and (as Donovan Miller/Austin Walker) Stranger than Fiction, Cinemax, 1999. Played Jason in television special Lookwell, Disney Channel, 1991. Guest star on television series, including Roseanne, Tales from the Crypt, and Chicago Hope.

Director of films, including Too Romantic (short film), Mercury Film, 1992; (with Alex Vlacos) The Dog, 1992; (also additional camera operator) When I Was a Boy (short film), 1993; Delivering (short film), 1993; (also camera operator) Nonnie and Alex, Sundance Channel, 1995; and (also producer and camera operator) In the Bedroom, Miramax, 2001. Also additional boom operator, The Rapture, Fine Line, 1991, and coproducer, Broken Vessels, 1998. Directed episodes of television series Once and Again, ABC, 1999-2001. Author of musical scores for films Nowhereto Run, Concorde, 1989; The Dog, 1992; Ruby in Paradise, October Films, 1993; and Broken Vessels, Unapix Entertainment, 1998, and songs for film Gross Anatomy, 1989.

AWARDS, HONORS: Special Jury award, Sundance Film Festival, best film prize, Aspen Film Festival, and special citation, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, all for Nonnie and Alex; best film award, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, best first film award, New York Film Critics' Circle, and Academy Award nominations for best picture and best screenplay based on material previously produced or published, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, all 2001, all for In the Bedroom; Satyajit Ray Award, Satyajit Ray Foundation, 2001; Franklin J. Schaffner Alumni Medal, American Film Institute, 2002.



(And director) Too Romantic, Mercury Film, 1992.

When I Was a Boy, Mercury Film, 1993.

Delivering, based on a short story by Andre Dubus, Mercury Film, 1993.

(With Richard Festinger; and director) In the Bedroom (feature film), based on the short story "Killings" by Andre Dubus, Miramax, 2001.

SIDELIGHTS: Todd Field, an actor possibly best known for his role as the piano player in director Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut, became one of Hollywood's hottest new writer/directors with the release of In the Bedroom, a film based on a short story by author Andre Dubus. (Field counts both Kubrick and Dubus among his mentors; tragically, both died during the production of In the Bedroom.)"I don't mind telling you that In the Bedroom didn't make me cry. It made me weep," reviewer Bob Ivry wrote in the Record. "Mature filmgoers with a hunger for an emotionally satisfying cinematic meal . . . will no doubt find In the Bedroom a work of virtuosity."

Set in a small town in coastal Maine, In the Bedroom examines the grief of two parents, Matt and Ruth Fowler (played by Oscar-winning actress Sissy Spacek and British actor Tom Wilkinson), after their young adult son Frank is brutally murdered by the estranged husband of an older woman, Natalie (played by Oscarwinning actress Marissa Tomei) with whom the young man had been having an affair. Because the killer is from a rich and powerful family in their small town, he is soon set free on bail, and instead of being tried for murder he is only going to be tried for manslaughter, which carries a sentence of around five years. This eats away at Matt and Ruth, and their search for a way to deal both with their grief and with this miscarriage of justice forms the heart of the film.

In the Bedroom was a labor of love for Field: it was made in his home town—the house where he, his wife, and their three children live when they are not in Los Angeles was even used as the setting for one scene—his wife and Spacek did a portion of the set designing, and Field handled a camera himself on some of the shots. "My hair has turned gray on this; I've lost fifteen pounds. I'm in debt up to my ears and I haven't worked [as an actor] in two years!," Field told David Ansen of Newsweek. But the result, most critics said, was stunning. Bob Longino of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution dubbed it "the most heartbreaking movie of the year—and easily one of the best," while reviewer Anthony Quinn of the London Independent noted that "Field has pulled off something here I thought no American film-maker would ever manage again: he makes violence feel genuinely shocking." Nigel Andrews of the London Financial Times declared: "I cannot remember a better film about the shock of loss."



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