Dregni, Eric 1968-

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Dregni, Eric 1968-


Born 1968.


Home—Minneapolis, MN.


Writer, researcher, journalist, translator, musician, and curator. El Dorado Conquistador Museum, Minneapolis, MN, curator; Vinnie and the Stardusters, guitarist.


Fulbright fellow, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2004.



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Eric Dregni is a researcher, museum curator, and journalist who is also a self-confessed fanatic for motor scooters. The author of several books on scooters, some with his brother Michael, Dregni "demonstrates why the vehicles can seem both nerdy and cool" at the same time, commented Laura Yenn in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Dregni applies this whimsical approach to topics in his other books as well. In Follies of Science: Twentieth Century Visions of Our Fantastic Future, written with his other brother, Jonathan Dregni, he muses on past predictions of what the technological world of tomorrow would look like in the year 2006. The Dregnis consider and comment upon numerous inventions and advancements that were anticipated by writers of yesterday in science publications, such as Popular Mechanics, and science-fiction magazines, including Amazing Stories. They note that items such as antimatter-powered batteries, flying cities, skis with tank treads, and mechanical secretaries did not come into being. Some inventions that did come to pass "probably shouldn't have. But the book shouldn't be read as a cautionary tale," noted Derek Hansell in another St. Paul Pioneer Press review. Scientific extrapolation involves both utopian and dystopian outlooks, the Dregnis believe, and consideration must be given to how technology affects the social, political, and human elements of the world. The outlandish and the practical often coexist in the development of technology, and even some of the stranger suggestions of past writers show an appreciation for how technology can enhance and elevate the way humans live and interact. A reviewer in the Futurist observed that the Dregnis' book is for the "futurist with a sense of humor."

Dregni's quirky outlook pans across the breadth of Midwestern America in Midwest Marvels: Roadside Attractions across Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Wisconsin. He describes the unusual, sometimes bizarre, often funny displays, monuments, structures, statues, and other attractions that can make a trip through the Midwest a surrealistic delight. He describes the many examples of taxidermy, including sparring squirrels, at the Moccasin Bar in Haywood, Wisconsin. He visits the Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, and the Effigy Mounds of Marquett, Iowa. He documents giant roadside statues of cows, lumberjacks, fish, gorillas, and more. Among the stranger entries are more subdued attractions such as Mount Rushmore and Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural wonder, Taliesin. The book serves as a detailed travel guide with directions, plus "useful information about attractive features, history, locations, hours, prices of admission, and local color stories," noted an Internet Bookwatch reviewer. Library Journal contributor Susan Belsky commended Dregni's "in-depth coverage of the local wonders."



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