Dam, Julie K.L. 1971-

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Dam, Julie K.L. 1971-


Born May 26, 1971, in Saigon, Vietnam. Education: Graduated from Harvard University, 1993. Hobbies and other interests: Fashion, shopping, writing, knitting, jewelry making, NBA basketball, television, '80s music.


HomeNew York, NY.


Writer and journalist. Time magazine, New York, NY, reporter, c. 1993-97, London, England, fashion reporter, c. 1997-99; People magazine, reporter and then music and weddings senior editor, 1999—.


Some Like It Haute (novel), Warner Books (New York, NY), 2006.

Author of blog, Julie K.L. Dam Web Log.


Some Like It Haute has been made into an audiobook by Warner, 2006.


Julie K.L. Dam is a reporter and editor whose first novel, Some Like It Haute, tells the story of Alexandra Simons, a fashion correspondent for an American weekly magazine who gets sent to Paris for Fashion Week. Alexandra has barely arrived in the glittering city when she has a disastrous encounter with a super model, with all of it caught on tape and televised, much to Alexandra's chagrin. Nevertheless, when she meets American Nick Snow, Alexandra thinks she may have found her man, even though she suspects that Nick is hiding something. Meanwhile, a designer that she has been trying to interview has been kidnapped by a competitor's underlings. In a review of Some Like It Haute, a Publishers Weekly contributor wrote that that the author presents "a melee of runway drama, intrigue and snarkiness in her breathless, satiric debut, an air kiss to the fashion world." Anika Fajardo, writing in the Library Journal, commented: "The strength of this novel is … the detailed description of every outfit, shoe, and handbag in Alex's wardrobe." Janelle Martin, writing on the Armchair Interviews Web site noted that the author's "latest entry into the increasingly crowded genre of chick lit offers a breath of fresh air," noting that Dam "has avoided many of the major minefields now infesting the genre: heroines stuck in their twenties, overly whiny main characters and paper-thin plots."



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