Carter, Charles Frederick 1919-2002

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CARTER, Charles Frederick 1919-2002

OBITUARY NOTICE—See index for CA sketch: Born August 15, 1919, in Rugby, Warwickshire, England; died June 27, 2002, in Glasgow, Scotland. Statistician, economist, educator, administrator, and author. Carter will be remembered as the founding vice chancellor of the University of Lancaster. Though he was trained as a statistician and economist, Carter was deeply involved in the planning and building of the new university in 1959 and in its administration until his retirement in 1978. He maintained a wide range of other activities as well. Carter was the coauthor of several books that addressed problems of technical progress in England in the 1950s, among them Industry and Technical Progress and Investment in Innovation. He also served as chair of the British Post Office review committee, which group initiated substantial innovation in British telecommunications. Later in his career Carter wrote about economic uncertainty and policies for economies under pressure. One of his intense interests was Northern Ireland. He taught economics at the Queen's University in Belfast in the 1950s, chaired the Northern Ireland Economic Development Council for ten years, and coauthored the book The Northern Ireland Problem. Carter was made an honorary member of the Royal Irish Academy and was awarded several honorary degrees from universities in both Ireland and Northern Ireland. In 1960 he authored The Science of Wealth, and followed it with Wealth, in which he argued that the happiness and well-being of a society cannot be equated to the level of its economic prosperity. He contributed much of his time to philanthropic and civic endeavors, including those devoted to broadcasting, social policy, international trade, and educational development. In retirement Carter chaired the research committee of the Policy Studies Institute in London, and he served as co-president until 1997. Carter was a fellow of the British Academy and the International Academy of Management. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1978.



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Carter, Charles Frederick 1919-2002

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