Bartov, Hanoch 1926-

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BARTOV, Hanoch 1926-

PERSONAL: Given name is also transliterated as "Hanokh"; born August 13, 1926, in Petach Tikva, Palestine (now Israel); son of Simkha and Miriam Bartov; married Yehudith Shimmer, February 10, 1946 (died April 20, 1998); children: Gillat Bartov Eitam, Omer. Ethnicity: "Jewish." Education: Attended Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1946-51.

ADDRESSES: Home—91 Levanon St., Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel 69345. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: Israeli Institute for Applied Social Research, researcher, 1949-51; Kibbutz Ein Ha'Koresh, high school teacher and farmer, 1951-54; Tikhon Khadash, Tel Aviv, Israel, high school teacher, 1955; Lamerkhav (Israeli daily newspaper), news editor, 1956-58, U.S. correspondent, 1958-60, columnist, 1960-66; Israeli Embassy, London, England, counselor and cultural officer, 1966-68; Lamerkhav, columnist, 1968-71; Ma'ariv, Tel Aviv, Israel, newspaper columnist, 1971-90; retired, 1991. Israel Broadcasting Authority, member of board of directors, 1965-66, 1969-72; Omanut La'am (public agency for the arts), member of board of directors, 1986-90, chair, 1990-92. Military service: British Army, Jewish Brigade, 1943-46; Israel Defense Forces, Jerusalem Brigade, 1947-49.

MEMBER: International PEN (member of board of directors, Israel Center, 1968-72; president of board of directors, 1990-95), International Theater Institute (president of Israel Center, 1975-79), Hebrew Writers Association (member of executive board, 1968-72), Israel Journalists Association.

AWARDS, HONORS: Ussishkin Prize, 1955, for Shesh kenafay'im la'ekhad; Shlonsky Prize, 1965, for Pitsey bagrut; Hebrew Writers Association, Valenrod Prize, best short story of the year, 1969, Israel Efrat Prize for essays, 1995, for Ani Lo Ha'zabar Ha'mithologi; Prime Minister's Prize, 1974; Yitskhak Sadeh Prize for military history, 1978, for Daddo; Bialik Prize for Literature from Tel Aviv Municipality, 1985, for Be'emtsa Ha'roman; Shalom Aleykhem House Award, 1995, for Regel Akhat bakhuts; President of Israel Prize for body of writings, 1998.



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Author of columns "Le'Ruakh Ha'Yom," Lamerhav, 1956-70, and "Ha'Prat Ha'Katan," Ma'ariv, 1972-90. Contributor to periodicals.


Chatunat haKesef (radio play), first broadcast by Israeli Radio, 1958.

Sa habayta, Yonathan (two-act; title means "Jonathan, Go Home"), first produced in Tel Aviv, Israel, at Zuta Theater, 1962.

Agada Khaya (radio play; title means "Living Legend"), first broadcast by Israeli Radio, 1989.

Author of other radio plays; adaptor of novels and stories for radio.


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Translator of nonfiction works and children's books.



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