Abrams, Nita 1953–

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Abrams, Nita 1953–


Born 1953, in Baltimore, MD.


Office—1730 New Brighton Blvd., Ste. 104-313, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Agent—Donna Bagdasarian, Vigliano Associates, 584 Broadway, New York, NY 10012. E-mail—[email protected]


Writer. Also teacher of nonfiction writing classes.


Romance Writers of America.


A Question of Honor (fiction), Zebra (New York, NY), 2002.

The Exiles (fiction), Zebra (New York, NY), 2002.

The Spy's Bride, Kensington (New York, NY), 2003.

The Spy's Kiss, Zebra Books (New York, NY), 2005.

The Spy's Reward, Kensington (New York, NY), 2006.


Nita Abrams is the author of historical romance novels that take place in the early nineteenth century. With settings that range from England to Austria, she spins stories of women who are willing to go against social restraints for their commitment to family and country. In Abrams' 2002 novel The Exiles, her protagonist risks her life by disguising herself as a young man to spy for England in the drawing rooms of Viennese society, where both danger and romance await.

Abrams told CA: "I fell into writing fiction by accident. I had been teaching and writing nonfiction for some time, and I'd always enjoyed historical novels. One day a scene popped into my head. I wrote it down. Next thing I knew I had eight chapters—then twenty. I've enjoyed becoming a part of a different world, a world where you can be paid to daydream!"

Abrams's first book, A Question of Honor, takes place in England in 1813 as Napoleon Bonaparte wages war against the rest of Europe. When a war-weary captain leaves the field of battle to visit his sister in England, the beguiling but mysterious family governess quickly catches his attention. Library Journal reviewer John Charles praised Abrams' "polished writing" and dubbed A Question of Honor "superb."

Abrams's trio of "Spy" romances are also set during the Napoleonic wars and continue the story of the family of Roth-Meyer begun in A Question of Honor and The Exiles. The Spy's Bride traces the story of James Roth-Meyer, who worked as a spy for the British government, and his arranged marriage with Eloise Bernal. The marriage, as originally worked out, was to be an in-name-only affair; but, Eloise discovers, James has developed an unhealthy obsession with the Austrian countess who betrayed him to the French. As the two travel across the French countryside, they begin to discover an unsuspected affection for one another—an affection that begins to blossom into a true romance. In The Spy's Bride, declared Romantic Times Online reviewer Kathe Robin, "Nita Abrams paints a portrait of the Regency era that is at once familiar and unique." The novel, concluded Booklist contributor John Charles, is an "irresistible blend of history and adventurous intrigue" that "elegantly balances [Abrams's] espionage steeped plot with a refreshingly subtle, exquisitely romantic love story."

The Spy's Kiss is set in 1814, during the waning of Napoleon's reputation. A young man, working under the name Julien Clermont, insinuates himself into the household of Lord Barrington, a peer of the realm who is also a famous collector of butterflies and an important figure in the government. Clermont's job is to discover if Barrington is secretly passing British information to the French. He plans to do this by befriending Simon, the earl's son. However, he had not counted on the presence of Serena Adams, the earl's niece, who is residing with Barrington's household while waiting for a scandal in which she had become involved to die down. Serena is quick-witted, vivacious, and deeply suspicious of the supposed Frenchman with an interest in her uncle's butterflies. "Julien is indeed on a top-secret-and personal-mission, one that prevents him from disclosing his real identity to Serena," stated Jory Reedy in Fresh Fiction. "But the truth will out, and with it comes a devilish choice—betray the lovely, quick-witted woman who has won his heart," or forfeit both his mission and his life. In The Spy's Kiss, Kathe Ronin said on Romantic Times Online, "Abrams explores a world ignored by many Regency authors, delivering a different and intriguing story." "With its expertly nuanced characters, beautifully developed sexual tension, and witty and graceful prose," concluded John Charles in Booklist, Abrams's novel is "nothing short of brilliant."

In The Spy's Reward, Napoleon has been exiled to the island of Elba, and British citizens have begun to visit the continent once again. With Bonaparte's sudden triumphal return in 1815, however, these adventurers are trapped by war. Two of these are Abigail and Diana Hart, a mother-and-daughter team, and former spy Nathan Meyer is sent to escort the pair home to England. While Nathan is acutely aware that his family is pushing Diana as a potential wife for him, he is much more attracted to her mother, Abigail, a woman of feisty temperament and unrestrained tongue. "As they form an alliance to help the Crown," Kathe Robin stated on Romantic Times Online, "they also build the foundation of a passionate relationship." Abrams, Booklist contributor John Charles concluded, "expertly combines a plot rich in adventure and intrigue, a vividly detailed historical setting, [and] a sweetly subtle romance."



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