Ábrányi, Emil

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Ábrányi, Emil

Ábrányi, Emil, Hungarian conductor and composer, grandson of Kornél Ábrányi; b. Budapest, Sept. 22, 1882; d. there, Feb. 11, 1970. He studied composition with Koessler at the Academy of Music in Budapest and conducting with Nikisch in Leipzig. After conducting in Cologne (1904–07) and Hannover (1907–11), he returned to Budapest as conductor at the Royal Opera. He also was director of the municipal theater (1921–26).


DRAMATIC: Opera A ködkirály (The King of the Mist; Budapest, 1902); Monna Vanna (Budapest, March 2, 1907); Paolo e Francesca (Budapest, Jan. 13, 1912); Don Quijote (Budapest, Nov. 30, 1917); Ave Maria (Budapest, 1922); Az énekl dervis (Singing Dervishes; 1935); Liliomos herceg (The Prince with the Lillies; 1938); Bizánc (Byzantium; 1942); Éva boszorkány (Sorceress Eve; 1944); Balatoni rege (The Tale of Balaton; 1945); A Tamas templom karnagya (The Cantor of St. Thomas Church; 1947).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire