Zhiganov, Nazib

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Zhiganov, Nazib

Zhiganov, Nazib, Russian composer and music educator of Tatar heritage; b. Uralsk, Jan. 15, 1911; d. Kazan, June 2,1988. He was reared in an orphan asylum and first studied music in Kazan. He went to Moscow, where he studied at a technological school and then pursued musical training with Litinsky at the Cons, (graduated, 1938). In 1945 he became director and a prof, of the newly founded Kazan Cons. In his music, he attempted to create a new national Tatar school of composition, following the harmonic and instrumental precepts of the Russian national school.


dramatic: Opera (all 1st perf. in Kazan): Katchkyn (June 17, 1939); Irek (Liberty; Feb. 24, 1940); Altyntch-etch (The Golden Haired; July 12, 1941); Ildar (Nov. 7, 1942); Tulyak (July 27, 1945); Namus (Honor; June 25, 1950); Dzhalil, operatic monologue (1950). Ballet: Zugra (Kazan, May 17, 1946). Other: Film music. ORCH.: 4 syms. (1937, 1968, 1971, 1973); overtures; suites; marches. OTHER: Chamber music; piano pieces; vocal music.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire