Zangius (Zange), Nikolaus

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Zangius (Zange), Nikolaus

Zangius (Zange), Nikolaus, German organist and composer; b. c. 1570; d. Berlin, c. 1618. He was a chamber musician in Braunschweig (1597). He went to Danzig as deputy Kapellmeister (1599), and soon became Kapellmeister at the Marienkirche. Zangius left at the outbreak of the plague in 1602, and was active in the imperial court in Prague until 1605. He returned to Danzig in 1607, but soon went to Stettin, finally returning to his court post in Prague in 1610. He was active in Berlin as Kapellmeister to the Elector of Brandenburg from 1612. He was a distinguished composer of secular and sacred ensemble songs. For his works, see H. Sachs and A. Pfalz, Nikolaus Zangius: Geistliche und weltliche Gesänge, Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich, LXXX-VII (1951).


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—Nicholas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire