Wannenmacher (Latinized as Vannius), Johannes

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Wannenmacher (Latinized as Vannius), Johannes

Wannenmacher (Latinized as Vannius), Johannes, important German composer; b. probably in Neuenburg am Rhein, c. 1485; d. Bern, 1551. He was choirmaster at the Vincentius-Stift in Bern (1510-13), then went to Fribourg as choirmaster at St. Nikolaus in 1513, where he he became choirmaster at the new college foundation in 1515. He later was removed from his post, arrested, tried, and finally exiled. He served as magistrate’s clerk in Interlaken from 1531. He was one of the leading composers in Switzerland in his era. His extant works number 26, including both sacred and secular vocal pieces. Several of his works appeared in contemporary collections.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire