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Wannabes ★★ 2001

Angelo (De-Meo) and his younger brother Paulie (Dubin) are waiters in a New York neighborhood joint where the local mob boss is Santo (Vitrelli). Tired of being abused, particularly by Santo's spoiled son Vinny (D'Onofrio), Angelo, Paulie and a couple of their buds become successful bookies and go into loansharking and other criminal activities. Santo likes Angelo's gumption and makes him his protege, much to Vinny's anger. Familiar stereotypes abound. 110m/C VHS, DVD . Joe (Johnny) Viterelli, Joseph (Joe) D'Onofrio, William DeMeo, Conor Dubin, Raymond Serra; D: William DeMeo, Charles A. Addessi; W: William DeMeo.