Wanted Dead or Alive

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Wanted Dead or Alive ★½ 1986 (R)

Ex-CIA agent Hauer is now a high-tech bounty hunter assigned to bring in an international terrorist. When the terrorist kills Hauer's friend and girlfriend, he forgets the $50,000 bonus for bringing him in alive. Official “sequel” to the Steve McQueen TV series with Hauer as the McQueen character's great-grandson. The link is meaningless, and the plot is a thin excuse for much violence and anti-terrorist flag-waving. 104m/C VHS, DVD . Rutger Hauer, Gene Simmons, Robert Guillaume, William Russ, Jerry Hardin, Mel Harris; D: Gary Sherman; W: Brian Taggert; C: Alex Nepomniaschy; M: Joe Renzetti.