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1. Opera in 3 acts by Puccini to lib. by Adami and Simoni after Gozzi's play (1762). Comp. 1920–6. His last work, the final scene being completed by Alfano. Prod. Milan 1926, NY Met 1926, London 1927.

2. Opera in 2 acts by Busoni to his own lib. after Gozzi, prod. Zurich 1917. Based on incidental mus. to the play, comp. 1911.

3. Incidental music by Weber, comprising an ov. and 6 instr. items, to Schiller's trans. of Gozzi's play, prod. Stuttgart, Sept. 1809. Hindemith used a theme from it in his Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Weber.