Schubaur, Johann Lukas

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Schubaur, Johann Lukas

Schubaur, Johann Lukas, German physician and composer; b. Lechfeld (baptized), Dec. 23, 1749; d. Munich, Nov. 15, 1815. He was the son of the painter Ignatius Schubaur. He was orphaned quite young and then reared in the Zwiefalten monastery. After attending school in Augsburg, he studied at the Neuburg an der Donau theological seminary, where he received a thorough grounding in music. He then went to Vienna and studied music while earning his livelihood by giving piano lessons and composing short pieces; took his medical degree in Ingolstadt, and then began his practice at the Barmherzige Brüder hospital in Neuburg an der Donau in 1775; shortly thereafter, he settled in Munich, where he became court physician and president of the medical commission. A dilettante composer, he won notable success with only one score, his Sing-spiel Die Dorfdeputierten (Munich, May 8, 1783). His other Singspiels, all produced in Munich, were Melide oder Der Schiffer (Sept. 24, 1782), Das Lustlager (1784), and Die treuen Köhler (Sept. 29, 1786).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire