Schueck, Jenö

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SCHUECK, JENÖ (1895–1974), Hungarian rabbi. Schueck was born in Onod, north Hungary, where his father was rabbi. After World War ii he was appointed rabbi to one of the districts of Budapest, where he founded and maintained a home for Orthodox Jewish children from the country districts. He was appointed chaplain to the Hungarian armed forces and later Senior Orthodox chaplain. In this capacity he was extremely active in finding solutions to the problems of agunot. During this period Schueck played a prominent part in the reconstruction of Orthodox Judaism in Hungary. In 1960 he was appointed rabbi of Miskolc and became president of the Hungarian Council of Orthodox Rabbis. At the request of the Hungarian authorities he joined the World Union of Hungarians, an organization centered in Budapest for the promotion of the Hungarian viewpoint throughout the world. He represented Hungarian Orthodox Jewry at the Conference of European Orthodox Rabbis held in London in 1965.

Among his publications in Hungarian are As ortodoxia a felszabadulás után ("Orthodox Judaism after the Liberation," Yearbook, Budapest, 1959); A két Szofer dinasztia ("Two Dynasties of the Sofer Family," Yearbook, Budapest, 1960/61); A miskolci hitközség multijábol ("On the History of the Community of Miskolc," Yearbook, Budapest, 1971/72). He also published an annual Luaḥ.


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