Sandvik, Ole Mrk

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Sandvik, Ole Mrk

Sandvik, Ole Mrk , respected Norwegian musicologist; b. Hedemarken, May 9, 1875; d. Holmenkollen, near Oslo, Aug. 5, 1976. He received training for careers in teaching (1895) and theology (graduated, 1902), and also studied music with his father and Gudbrand Bhn, and in Germany (1913); took his Ph.D. in 1922 at the Univ. of Christiania. He taught at Christiania’s (Oslo’s) Hegdehaugen School (1913–5) and gave courses in church music at the Seminary for Practical Theology at the Univ. of Christiania (Oslo; 1916–45). He was founder of the Norwegian Musicological Soc, serving as ed. of its yearbook (1937–72).


Norsk kirkenmusikk og densilder (Christiania, 1918); Folkemusik i Gudbrandsdalen (Christiania, 1919; second ed., 1948); Norsk folkemusik: Saerlig stlandsmusikken (Christiania, 1921); with G. Schjelderup, Norges musikhistorie (Christiania, 1921–22); ed. with H. Panum and W Behrend, Illustreret musikle-ksikon (Copenhagen, 1924–26; new ed., 1940); Graduale for den norske kirke (Oslo, 1925; second ed., 1957); with J. Gleditsch et al, Koralbokfor den norske kirke (Oslo, 1926); Liturgisk musikk til minnegudstjenester på 900-års- jubileet Olsok 1930 (Oslo, 1930); Norsk koralhistorie (Oslo, 1930); Kingotona (Oslo, 1941); Vesperale for den norske kirke (Oslo, 1941); Gregoriansk sang (Oslo, 1945); Ludwig M. Lindeman og folkemelodien: Ein kilderstudie (Oslo, 1950); Setesdalsmelodier (Oslo, 1952); Norske religiose folketoner (Oslo, 1960–64); “Springleiker” i norske bygdier (Oslo, 1967); ed. with O. Gaukstad, David Monrad Johansen i skrift og tale (Oslo, 1968)


Festschrift til O.M. S.s, 70 års dagen 1875–9. Mai 1945 (Oslo, 1945).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire