Reed, William (Henry)

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Reed, William (Henry) (b Frome, 1876; d Dumfries, 1942). Eng. violinist, composer, and author. Violinist in London orchs. Joined LSO on its foundation in 1904 and was its leader 1912–35. Taught at RCM. Close friend of Elgar, about whom he wrote 2 books and who consulted him on technical points in the Vn. Conc. (1910). Played in of Elgar's vn. sonata, str. qt., and pf. quintet. Comp. orch. works, incl. The Lincoln Imp (1921), vn. conc., va. rhapsody, 5 str. qts., songs, etc. Long assoc. with 3 Choirs Fest. and is buried in Worcester Cath.