Raichev, Alexander

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Raichev, Alexander

Raichev, Alexander , prominent Bulgarian composer and pedagogue; b. Lorn, April 11, 1922. He studied composition with Vladigerov at the Bulgarian State Cons. in Sofia (1943–7), then took courses in composition with Kodály and Viski and in conducting with Ferencsik at the Budapest Academy of Music (1949–50). Returning to Sofia, he taught at the Bulgarian State Cons. (from 1950), where he also served as rector (1972–79). His music makes use of innovative techniques that breathe new life into traditional genres and forms.


DRAMATIC: Opera: The Bridge (Ruse, Oct. 2, 1965); Your Presence (Sofia, Sept. 5, 1969); Alarm (Sofia, June 14, 1974); Khan Asparouch (Ruse, March 9, 1981). Oper-etta: The Nightingale of Orchid (Sofia, March 7, 1963). Ba11et: A Haidouk Epic (Sofia, Feb. 13, 1953); The Spring of the White-legged Maiden (Sofia, Feb. 26, 1978). ORCH.: Piano Concerto (1947); 5 syms.: No. 1, He Does Not Die, sym.-cantata (1949), No. 2, The New Prometheus (1958), No. 3, Strivings (1966), No. 4 for Strings (1972), and No. 5 for Chamber Orch. (1972); Sonata-Poem for Violin and Orch. (1955); Leninist Generations, symphonic glorification (1970); Radiant Dawn, overture (1971); Leipzig 33 (1972); Concerto (1978); Balkan Rhapsody (1983); overtures, including Jubilee Overture (1986) and Levsky (1988). OTHER: Chamber music; piano pieces. VOCAL: Oratorios: Friendship (1954); Dimitrov Is Alive (1954); October 50 (1967); Bulgaria—White, Green, Red (1977); Oratorio Meeting (1984). Cantatas: My Dear Lassie (1974); Varna (1979); September Requiem for Women’s Chamber Chorus and Orch. (1973). Other: Choral works and songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire