Pons de Capdoil

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Pons de Capdoil

Pons de Capdoil , French troubadour; b. c. 1165; d. c. 1215. He was the son of the lord of St. Julien Capdoil in Puy-Ste. Marie-en-Velay, and won distinction as a knight. He was active mainly in Marseilles, where the captivating wife of the Count of Auvergne inspired him to write several outstanding love poems. Some 27 of his poems are extant, including 4 with music. His melodies were frequently used as contrafacta.


M. von Napolski, Leben und Werk des Trobadors P.d. C. (Halle, 1879).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Pons de Capdoil

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