Otte, Hans (Günther Franz)

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Otte, Hans (Günther Franz)

Otte, Hans (Günther Franz), German composer and pianist; b. Plauen, Dec. 3, 1926. He was a student of Hindemith and J.N. David (composition), Pozniak and Gieseking (piano), Germani (organ), and Abendroth, conducting). In 1959 he won the Prix de Rome. From 1959 to 1984 he served as head of music for Radio Bremen, where he was a proponent of contemporary music. As a composer, he pursued an experimental course which ranged from serial and aleatoric techniques to electronic pieces and sound installations.

Works dramatic

voicing, radiophonic piece (1988); jetzt, theater piece (1992); im garten den klänge, vocal theater (1993). orch.:realisationen for Piano and Orch. (1956); momente (1958; Paris, May 1960); ensemble for Strings (Palermo, Sept. 1961); passages for Piano and Orch. (1965–66); Buch (1968); zero for Orch. and Chorus (North German Radio, Hamburg, Jan. 1971); terrain (Bavarian Radio, Munich, Dec. 1974). chamber:montaru for 2 Pianos, Brass, and Percussion (South German Radio, Stuttgart, Dec. 1955); folie et sens for Piano Trio (1955–56; South German Radio, Stuttgart, May 1956); daidalos for Piano, Guitar, Harp, and 2 Percussionists (1960); valeurs for Winds (1969); rendezvous for Chamber Ensemble (Rome, Oct. 1969); text for Percussionist (Stuttgart, May 1972); orient: occident for 2 Winds and Tape (1978); einklang for Acoustic and Electronic Strings (South West Radio, Baden-Baden, April 1979; also for 2 Wind Groups and Tape, South West Radio, Baden-Baden, April 1979); wassermann-musik for Harp (1984); text for Vibraphone (1986); eins for Alto Flute (1987); septuor for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Cello, and Harp (1988); phoenix-piece for Clarinet (1989); alltagsmusik for Violin (1992). keyboard: Piano: dromenon for 3 Pianos (1957; North German Radio, Hamburg, Jan. 1960); tropismen (1959; South German Radio, Stuttgart, April 1960); interplay for 2 Pianists (1962); face à face for Piano and Tape (1965); intervall (Buenos Aires, June 1974); biographie for Piano and Tape (South West Radio, Baden-Baden, Jan. 1976); das buch der klänge (1979–82). Organ: touches (1965); minimum: maximum, simultaneous piece for 2 Organists on 2 Organs (Swedish Radio, Stockholm, and Radio Bremen, Oct. 1973); sounds (1992). vocal:tasso concetti for Soprano, Flute, Piano, and Percussion (1961); schrift for Chorus, Lights, Loudspeaker, and Organ (1976); siebengesang for 3 Singers, Piano, and 3 Winds (1985); philharmonie for Chorus and Orch. (1986); das lied der welt for 10 Choruses in 10 Countries (European Broadcasting Union, Dec. 1, 1986).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Otte, Hans (Günther Franz)

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