Ortiz, Diego

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Ortiz, Diego

Ortiz, Diego, Spanish music theorist and composer; b. Toledo, c. 1510; d. probably in Naples, c. 1570. He was maestro de capilla at the viceregal court in Naples (1558–65). He was one of the earliest masters of variations (divisions). His greatest work is Trattado de glosas sobre clausulas y otros géneros de puntos en la música de violones (Rome, 1553; modern ed. by M. Schneider, Berlin, 1913; 3rd ed., Kassel, 1967), containing early examples of instrumental variations and ornamental cadenzas (for Viola da Gamba alone with harpsichord). An Italian version of this work was also pubi, at Rome in 1553 {II primo libro de Diego Ortiz Toletano, etc.). In addition, he pubi, a vol. of sacred music at Venice in 1565 (hymns, motets, Psalms, etc., for 4 to 7 Voices). Some motets by him (in lute tablature) were included in Valderrabano’s Silva de Sirenas (1547).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis Mclntire

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Ortiz, Diego

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