Mennin, Peter

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Mennin, Peter [ Peter Mennini] (b Erie, Penn., 1923; d NY, 1983). Amer. composer. First recipient of Gershwin Memorial Award. Taught comp., Juilliard Sch., 1947–58. Dir., Peabody Cons., Baltimore, 1958–62. President, Juilliard Sch. 1962–83. Comps., somewhat severe in style, won many awards. They incl. 9 syms. (1942–81; No.4 (The Cycle) employs ch.); pf. conc.; vn. conc.; vc. conc.; Sinfonia for chamber orch.; Concertato; Moby Dick (1952); Sinfonia for large orch.; cantata The Pied Piper of Hamelin; 2 str. qts.; org. sonata; pf. sonata; songs, etc.