Marpurg, Friedrich

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Marpurg, Friedrich

Marpurg, Friedrich, German conductor and composer, great-grandson of Friedrich Wilhelm Marpurg ; b. Paderborn, April 4, 1825; d. Wiesbaden, Dec. 2,1884. He played the violin and piano as a child, and studied composition later with Mendelssohn and Hauptmann at Leipzig. He became conductor at the Königsberg Theater, then at Sondershausen (1864). He succeeded Mangold as court music director at Darmstadt (1868), then was at Freiburg (1873), Laibach (1875), and Wiesbaden, where he became conductor of the Cäcilienverein. He composed the operas Musa, der letzte Maurenkönig (Königsberg, 1855), Agnes von Hohenstaufen (Freiburg, 1874), and Die Lichtensteiner (not perf.).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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