Jyrkiäinen, Reijo(Einari)

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Jyrkiäinen, Reijo(Einari)

Jyrkiäinen, Reijo(Einari), Finnish composer; b. Suistamo, April 6, 1934. He studied composition with Fougstedt and Kokkonen at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (1956–63), theory at the Univ. of Helsinki (1958–63), and also attended modern music courses at Darmstadt (summers, 1962-63) and the electronic sessions at the Bilthoven Radio Studio in the Netherlands (1963). He was head of music programming for the Finnish Radio and TV in Helsinki (1967–71), then managing director of the Helsinki Phil. (1971–90). He also was vice-chairman of the Helsinki Concert Center (1980–87), later serving as its project chief for music (from 1990). In his works, he has pursued advanced experimentation, ranging from classical Schoenbergian dodecaphony to electronics.


5 Dodecaphonic Etudes for Piano (1961); Frammenti per il septetto d’archi for 3 Violins, 2 Violas, Cello, and Double Bass (1962); Sounds I, II, and III, concrete music on Tape (1963–66); Mesto for Flute, Clarinet, Guitar, and Percussion (1963); For 4 for Violin, Clarinet, Guitar, and Percussion (1963); Contradictions for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Guitar, and String Quartet (1965); 5 Piano Pieces for Children (1966); Idiopostic I and II, electronic music (1963, 1966); Varianti for Viola and Piano (1967).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire