Jenko, Davorin

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Jenko, Davorin

Jenko, Davorin, Slovenian conductor and composer; b. Dvorje, Nov. 9, 1835; d. Ljubljana, Nov. 25, 1914. He studied in Ljubljana and Trieste, and also studied law in Vienna, where he was conductor of the Slovene Choral Soc. (1858–62). He then was conductor of the Serbian Church Choral Soc. in Pancevo (1863–65). He was conductor of the Belgrade Choral Soc. (1865–77), and also a conductor and composer of the National Theater there (1871–1902). He was a leading figure in the development of Serbian music. His Vraöara (The Fortune Teller; Belgrade, May 3, 1882), was the first Serbian operetta. Other works include four Singspiels, incidental music to about 90 plays, orch. pieces, choral works, and songs. The melody of the royal Serbian national anthem was taken from one of his choruses.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire