Hungarian String Quartet

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Hungarian String Quartet. Founded in Budapest 1935, disbanded 1970. Orig. members were Sandor Végh, Péter Szervánsky (vns.), Dénes Koromzay (va.), and Vilmos Palotai (vc.). Shortly Zoltán Székely became leader, with Végh as 2nd vn. Végh was succeeded in 1940 by Alexandre Moskowsky, who was succeeded in 1959 by Michael Kuttner. In 1956 Palotai was replaced by Gabriel Magyar. After being resident in Holland, the qt. moved to USA 1950. Salzburg Fest. début 1958. Many famous recordings, notably of Beethoven and Bartók. At time of disbandment membership was Székely, Kuttner (vns.), Koromzay (va.), and Magyar (vc.).