Hosokawa, Toshio

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Hosokawa, Toshio (b Hiroshima, 1955). Japanese composer and pianist. Won several comp. prizes, incl. Valentino Bucchi, Rome, 1980, and Berlin Philharmonic centenary 1982. Comp.-in-residence at fests. in Davos, Warsaw, Darmstadt, Geneva, London, and Seattle. Works incl.:ORCH.: Ferne-Landschaft I (1987); fl. conc. ‘Per-Sonare’ (1988); Hiroshima Requiem (1988–92): in 3 movts., each of which can be perf. separately: 1. Preludio—Night, orch. (1989), 2. Death and Resurrection, spkrs., solo vv., mixed ch., children's ch., tape, orch. (1989), 3. Dawn, orch. (1992); Landscape III, vn., orch. (1993).UNACC. CHORUS: Ave Maria (1991); Ave Maria Stella (1991).ENSEMBLE: Manifestation, vn., pf. (1981); Dan-so, vn., vc., pf. (1984); Sen II, vc. (1986), IV, org. (1990), V, accordeon (1991); In Tal der Zeit …, str. qt., pf. (1986); Renka I, sop., gui. (or hp.) (1986), II, sop., chamber ens. (1987), III, sop. or mez., vn., va. da gamba, hp. (1990); Fragmente II, alto fl., str. qt. (1989), III, wind quintet (1989); Birds Fragments I, mez., alto fl., hp. (1990); Intermezzo, lute (1991); Landscape, str. qt. (1992); Vertical Time Study I, cl., vc., pf. (1992); Landscape II, hp., str. qt. (1993).Also several comps. for Japanese instr.