funeral marches

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funeral marches. Among the best known of these (all of them in some public use on occasions of mourning) are the following: (1) Handel's Dead March in Saul (from the oratorio of that name); (2) The 2nd movt. of Beethoven's 3rd Sym. (Eroica); (3) The 3rd movt. of Chopin's 2nd pf. sonata (in B♭ minor, Op.35); (4) Chopin's Marche funèbre in C minor, Op.72b.

There are also (5) Beethoven's march ‘sulla morte d'un eroe’ (on the death of a hero), which is a movt. in his pf. sonata in A♭, Op.26; (6) Mendelssohn's Song without Words No.28, in E minor (the title Funeral March not, however, authentic); (7) Siegfried's Funeral March from Wagner's Götterdämmerung; (8) Grieg's Funeral March for Nordraak (military band, but scored also by Halvorsen for orch.); (9) Berlioz's Funeral March for the Last Scene of ‘Hamlet’ (Op.18, No.3, 1848). Several symphonic movts. (e.g. Elgar's 2nd Sym. larghetto and various examples in the works of Mahler) have the character if not the title of funeral marches.