Favola dOrfeo, La

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Favola d'Orfeo, La (The Legend [Fable] of Orpheus).
1. Favola in musica in prol. and 5 acts by Monteverdi to lib. by Striggio. Prod. Mantua 1607. Rev. in concert version arr. d'Indy, Paris 1904, London 1924; staged Paris 1911, Oxford 1925; NY Met 1912 (concert), Northampton, Mass., 1929 (stage). Also ed. by Malipiero, Orff, Westrup, Hindemith, Stevens, Leppard, Whenham, Bartlett, and others.

2. 1-act opera by Casella, to lib. by C. Pavolini after A. Poliziano's verse-drama (1480). Prod. Venice, 1932.