Faurés Requiem

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Fauré's Requiem. Choral work for sop., bar., ch., orch., and org. by Fauré, in 7 movts.: 1. Introit and Kyrie, 2. Offertory, 3. Sanctus, 4. Pie Jesu, 5. Agnus Dei, 6. Libera me, 7. In Paradisum. Comp. history deserves detailed mention. 1st vers. comp. 1887–8, f.p. at an architect's funeral at the Madeleine, Paris, 16 Jan. 1888, comprising 5 movts: Nos. 1, 3 (comp. 9 Jan. 1888), 4, 5 (comp. 6 Jan. 1888), and 7. Scored for treble v., solo vn., 5 vas., 2 vcs., 3 dbs., 2 hps., timp., org. For f. public p., Madeleine 4 May 1888, with Louis Aubert as treble soloist, 2 tpts. and 2 hns. were added to Agnus Dei. No.2, with bar. solo, sketched (Hostias only) 1887, completed 1889; No.6, also with bar. solo, existed for bar. and org. in 1877 and its final vers. for bar., ch., orch. (with 3 tbs.) was probably f.p. Madeleine 1891, soloist Louis Ballard. Pubd.: V.S. 1900; F.S. 1901 in vers. with large orch. and org. This final vers., of which the MS is lost, was completed 1898–9 but is probably not all Fauré's work. Scholars believe he was aided by Roger-Ducasse, who had arr. the work for ch. and pf. 1897–9.