Corselli (real name, Courcelle), Francesco

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Corselli (real name, Courcelle), Francesco

Corselli (real name, Courcelle), Francesco ,

Italian composer; b. Piacenza, c. 1702; d. Madrid, April 3, 1778. He became an accomplished tenor, violinist, and harpsichordist. He then went to Parma, where he was made maestro di cappella at the Steccata Church (1727), a position that extended to include the period of rule by the Duke of Parma (1727–33). He was then called to Madrid (1734), where he was appointed suffragan royal maestro de capilla and music teacher to the royal children. In 1737 he was named coadjutor of the royal chapel, serving as its titular maestro from 1738; he also was rector of the choir school.


DRAMATIC Opera (all 1st perf. in Madrid unless otherwise given): Venere placata (Venice, 1731); Nino (Venice, Carnival 1732); La Cautela en la amistad y el robo de las Sabinas (1735); Alessandro mile Indie (May 9,1738); Farnace (Nov. 4, 1739); Achille in Sciro (Dec. 8, 1744); La dementia de Tito (Carnival 1747; Act 1 by Corselli, Act 2 by R Corradini, and Act 3 by G.B. Mele); El Polifemo (Carnival 1748; Act 1 by Corselli, Act 2 by Corradini, and Act 3 by Mele). OTHER: Much sacred music.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire