Casken, John

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Casken, John (b Barnsley, 1949). Eng. composer. Lect., Birmingham Univ. 1973–9, Huddersfield Polytechnic 1979–81, Durham Univ. 1981–92. Prof. of mus., Manchester Univ. from 1992. Featured composer at Bath Fest. 1980 where his mus. created a strong impression through its individuality, while suggesting to critics the influences of Debussy and Tippett. Prin. works incl.: OPERA: Golem (1988–9).ORCH.: Tableaux des Trois Ages (1976–7); pf. conc. (1980–1); Masque, ob., 2 hns., str. (1982); Erin, db., small orch. (1982–3); Orion over Farne (1984); Maharal Dreaming (1989); vc. conc. (1991); Darting the Skiff, str. (1993); Cor d'œuvre, ov. (1993); vn. conc. (1994–5); Sortilège (1995–6).ENSEMBLE: Kagura, 13 wind instr. (1972–3); Music for the Crabbing Sun, fl., ob., vc., hpd. (1974); Music for a Tawny-Gold Day, va., alto sax., bass cl., pf. (1975–6); Arenaria, fl., ens. (1976); Amarantos, 9 players (1977–8); Melanos, tuba, 7 players (1979); Eructavit, 10 instr. (1982); Fonteyn Fanfares, 12 brass instr. (1982); Vaganza, ens. (1985); Infanta Manna, ens. (1993–4).VOICE & INSTR(S).: Ia Orana, Gauguin, sop., pf. (1978); Firewhirl, sop., 7 players (1979–80).CHORAL MUS.: To Fields We Do Not Know, ch. (1984); Sunrising, unacc. ch. (1993).CHAMBER MUSIC: str. qts. No.1 (1981–2), No.2 (1993); Music for Cello and Piano (1971–2); Jadu, 2 vc. (1973); Fluctus, vc., pf. (1973–4); Thymehaze, alto rec., pf. (1976); À Belle Pavine, vn., tape (1980); Taerset, cl., pf. (1982–3); Clarion Sea, brass quintet (1985); pf. qt. (1990).ORGAN: Ligatura (1979–80).