Bossi, (Rinaldo) Renzo

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Bossi, (Rinaldo) Renzo

Bossi, (Rinaldo) Renzo, Italian conductor and composer, son of (Marco) Enrico Bossi; b. Como, April 9, 1883; d. Milan, April 2, 1965. He studied in Venice and in Leipzig, and took a course in conducting with Nikisch. He conducted at various cities in Italy. In 1916 he was appointed instructor at the Verdi Cons. in Milan. His biographical data and a complete list of works are appended to F. Mompellio’s monograph on Enrico Bossi (Milan, 1952). See also S. Pintacuda, R. B. (Milan, 1955).


DRAMATIC: Opera: Passa la ronda (Milan, March 3, 1919); Volpino il calderaio (Milan, Nov. 13, 1925); La rosa rossa (Parma, Jan. 9, 1940). ba11et:II trillo del diavolo (1948). other: Sym.; Violin Concerto; many minor pieces for various instruments.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire