Bosseur, Jean-Yves

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Bosseur, Jean-Yves

Bosseur, Jean-Yves, French composer and musicologist; b. Paris, Feb. 5, 1947. He received training in composition from Stockhausen and Pousseur in Cologne before taking his Ph.D. at the Univ. of Paris I. After working as a producer for Radio France, he was prof. of musicology at the Univ. of Paris IV. He also was co-founder of the Groupe Intervalles. In addition to many articles, he publ. a number of books, among them Musique, passion d’artistes (1988; Eng. tr., 1991), Le sonore et le visuel (1992; Eng. tr., 1993), John Cage (1995), Le temps de la prendre: Journal musical (1967/...) (1997), and Musique et arts plastiques: Interactions au Xe siècle (1998).


orch.:In extremis (1975; rev. 1989); Traverses for Flute Quartet and String Orch. (1982; Dole, March 1984); Eisleriana for Harmony Orch. (1995; Thouars, Feb. 1996). chamber:Un arraché de partout for 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, Hammond Organ, 2 Electric Guitars, Xylophone, Marimbaphone, Vibraphone, and 2 Percussion (1967); Alto molto for Viola (1975; rev. 1992); Alliages de cuivre for Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, and Tuba (1981); Byrdy for Instrument(s) (1986–87); Stream for Accordion (1988); Quinaire for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano (Paris, Dec. 1989); Hong-Kong Variations for 7 Instruments (1990); Portrait de Geneviève Asse for Harpsichord, Flute, and Cello (1991); En quête de tango for 7 Instruments (Brussels, April 1994); Morty’s for Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinets), and Piano (1996; Paris, Jan. 1997); Liptov for 7 Instruments (1997); Patchwork for 11 Instruments (1998); O.D. (Portrait d’Olivier Debré) for Instrumental Ensemble (Paris, June 1999). piano:Portrait de Jiri Kolar (1978-83; Paris, Sept. 1985); Seul (Brussels, Sept. 1981); Empreintes nocturnes (1981; Paris, Sept. 1982). vocal:Quelques pages du Livre des Questions for Soprano and 9 Instruments, after Edmond Jabès (1979-80; Paris, Jan. 1980); Satie’s Dream for Soprano and 5 Instruments, after Kenneth White (1980-81; Brussels, Oct. 1981); Portrait d’Albert Ayme for Soprano and 5 Instruments, after Michel Butor (1980-81; Paris, Nov. 1981); The Sun-Moon Sequence for Soprano and 4 Instruments, after Kenneth White (Châtenay- Malabry, Dec. 1982); Les Tarots-musiciens for Soprano and 5 Players, after Michel Butor (Nice, June 1983); Allégories for Soprano and 5 Instruments, after Claude Melin (Metz, Nov. 1983); Faïences for Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, and 3 Clarinets, after Paul Louis Rossi (1990-91; Périgueux, May 1993); Aubade for Mezzo-soprano, Flute(s), Clarinet(s), and Piano (1993-94; Quimper, March 1994); Teneur for Soprano, 2 Pianos, Clarinet, and Cello, after Ludovic Janvier (1994; Radio France, Feb. 1995); Mass for 5 Soloists, Chorus, and 6 Instruments (1994-95; Valence, June 1995); Memorandum I for Vocal Soloist(s) (1996; Paris, April 1999) and II for Mezzo-soprano, Bass Clarinet or Cello, and Piano (1998).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire