Boss of Bosses

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Boss of Bosses ★½ 1999

Yet another in a long line of Mafia portrayals and betrayals but this one is flat and uninspired. Paul Castellano (Palminteri) takes organized crime into the white-collar level from the streets into legit businesses but the world is still violent, plagued by internal feuds and the feds sniffing around. Castellano wound up being the last public Mafia hit (arranged by John Gotti)—outside a New York steak house. 94m/C VHS, DVD . Chazz Palminteri, Daniel Benzali, Jay O. Sanders, Clancy Brown, Al Ruscio, Steven Bauer, Angela Alvarado, Sonny Marinelli; D: Dwight Little; W: Jere P. Cunningham; C: Brian Reynolds; M: John Altman. CABLE