Aguiari or Agujari, Lucrezia

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Aguiari or Agujari, Lucrezia

Aguiari or Agujari, Lucrezia, brilliant Italian soprano, known as La Bastardina and La Bastardella on account of her being the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman; b. Ferrara, 1743; d. Parma, May 18, 1783. She received vocal training from the Abbot Lambertini. In 1764 she made her debut with notable success in Florence. In 1768 she was made a court singer in Parma, where Mozart heard her in 1770 and was greatly impressed by the beauty of her voice and its phenomenal compass, which embraced 3 octaves (C1- C4). In 1775–76 she sang at the Pantheon in London. She created leading roles in several operas by the Italian composer Giuseppe Colla, whom she married in 1780.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Aguiari or Agujari, Lucrezia

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