Young People

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Young People ★★½ 1940 (G)

Temple's 12 in this lesser vehicle and almost-adolesence doesn't serve her well with this tired plot. She's an orphan adopted by showbiz team Oakie and Greenwood who've decided to retire to rural life. They even get to put on a show to prove to the small-minded small-towners what a swell trio they are. Temple's last film for 20th-Century Fox does include nostalgic clips from earlier Shirley hits, including “Stand Up and Cheer” and “Curly Top,” to explain her character's background. ♫Tra-La-La; Fifth Avenue; I Wouldn't Take a Million; The Mason-Dixon Line; Young People. 78m/C VHS . Shirley Temple, Jack Oakie, Charlotte Greenwood, Arleen Whelan, George Montgomery, Kathleen Howard; D: Allan Dwan; W: Edwin Blum, Don Ettlinger.