Yellow Asphalt

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Yellow Asphalt ★★ Asphalt Zahov 2001

Writer-director Verete presents a collection of three fictional stories that highlight real-world cultural differences between Arabic Bedouin tribes and the Jewish community in Israel: the accidental death of a Bedouin boy at the hands of two callous Israelis, a German woman attempting to flee her stifling Bedouin marriage with her daughters, and a Bedouin maid caught having a forbidden affair. Grand view of the Middle East's desert. In Hebrew and Arabic, with English subtitles. 87m/C VHS, DVD . Sami Samir, Tatjana Blacher, Raida Aden, Moshe Ivgy, Zavik Raz, Abed Zuabi, Motti Katz; D: Dan Verete; W: Dan Verete; C: Yoram Millo; M: Yves Touati. VIDEO