Wife Versus Secretary

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Wife Versus Secretary ★★★½ 1936

Excellent acting against type creates a near-perfect picture of romantic relationships. Harlow and Gable play a secretary and her boss who have a wonderful professional relationship, but Loy worries something else is afoot. Could have been a heavy-handed soap opera, but the witty dialogue and Brown's fine pacing make it much more. Stewart later claimed that he purposely messed up his romantic scenes with Harlow in order to spend more time in her arms. 89m/B VHS, DVD . Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy, May Robson, Hobart Cavanaugh, James Stewart, George Barbier, Gilbert Emery, Gloria Holden; D: Clarence Brown; W: John Lee Mahin, Norman Krasna, Alice Duer Miller; C: Ray June; M: Herbert Stothart, Edward Ward.