When I Close My Eyes 1995

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When I Close My Eyes ★★ Love Letter 1995 (PG-13)

After attending a memorial service for her fiance, Hiroko (Nakayama) discovers his high school yearbook and an old address. She impulsively writes a letter to the address and is shocked to receive a reply from a young woman, Itsuki (also played by Nakayama), who bears the same name as her dead lover and even went to high school with him. The two women begin to correspond, as Hiroko asks what Itsuki remembers about the young man (Kashiwabara), and the mock resentment/friendship the two maintained in school. Eventually, Hiroko decides to meet Itsuki in person, hoping that she can get over the past that haunts her. Japanese with subtitles. 116m/C VHS . JP Miho Nakayama, Takashi Kashiwabara, Etsushi Toyokawa; D: Shunji Iwai; W: Shunji Iwai; C: Noboru Shinoda.

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When I Close My Eyes 1995

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