When Danger Follows You Home

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When Danger Follows You Home ★★½ 1997 (PG-13)

Ann Werden (Williams), a psychologist at a county mental health facility, becomes interested in the case of a disturbed patient who calls himself Gogel, a computer genius with an FBI file. When Gogel mysteriously dies in Anne's home, she finds herself accused of manslaughter—and then her son is kidnapped. Anne's got a lot to figure out if she wants her life to go back to normal. 92m/C VHS . JoBeth Williams, William Russ, Michael Manasseri, Vanessa King, Susan Hogan, Duncan Fraser, Nicolas Surovy; D: David Peckinpah; W: Sharon Elizabeth Doyle; C: Robert Hudececk; M: Charles Bernstein. CABLE

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When Danger Follows You Home

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