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When a Man Falls in the Forest ★★ Desires of a Housewife 2007 (R)

Three former high school classmates meet middle age. Architect Gary (Hutton) is disillusioned by his job and estranged from his equally depressed wife (Stone); Travis (Vince) still suffers the effects from a long-ago accident; and Bill (Baker), a janitor at Gary's office, listens to an instructional tape on lucid dreaming, imaging a life he will never have the nerve to live. It's all low-key and bleak. 86m/C DVD . Timothy Hutton, Dylan Baker, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Sharon Stone, Nicholas Elia; D: Ryan Eslinger; W: Ryan Eslinger; C: Lawrence Sher; M: Billy Corgan, John Sereda.

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When a Man Falls in the Forest

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