When the Dark Man Calls

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When the Dark Man Calls ★★½ 1995 (R)

Shock ending and a strong lead performance by Van Ark enhance this cable mystery. Call-in radio shrink Julianne Kaiser (Van Ark) is stalked by ex-con Parmenter (Lewis). Twenty-five years ago she testified that he murdered her parents although the bitter man's always proclaimed his innocence. Now Kaiser is having grisly flashbacks to her childhood but can she figure out the truth before Parmenter kills her? Based on a novel by Stuart M. Kaminsky. 89m/C VHS . Joan Van Ark, Geoffrey Lewis, Chris Sarandon, James Read, Frances Hyland, Janet-Laine Green; D: Nathaniel Gutman; W: Pablo F. Fenjves. CABLE

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When the Dark Man Calls

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