When Willie Comes Marching Home

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When Willie Comes Marching Home ★★★ 1950

An insightful (and funny) satire from Ford with equally well-done dramatic moments. William Kluggs (Dailey) wants to become a hero when he enlists, but instead he's assigned to be the gunnery instructor in his own hometown. A town joke, Bill finally gets his chance as a B-17 gunner but winds up being rescued by members of the French Resistance. After aiding them, he does become a hero but is sworn to secrecy by his superiors. Bill then has to endure more abuse from the folks at home until everything is revealed. 90m/C DVD . Dan Dailey, William Demerest, Bill Calvert, Lloyd Corrigan, Colleen Townsend, James Lydon, Evelyn Varden; D: John Ford; W: Mary Loos, Richard Sale; C: Leo Tover; M: Alfred Newman.