What the #$* ! Do We Know?

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What the #$* ! Do We Know? ★½ 2004

Excruciatingly upbeat New Agers' guide to the perplexed. Follows a confused woman (Maitlin) through the troubles of daily life with annoying animation and talking heads helping her search for meaning. Supposed exploration of quantum theory and its impact is a queasy mishmash of pop-and pseudo-science, with some mysticism made to please the starry-eyed and vacant. 108m/C VHS, DVD . US Marlee Matlin, Elaine Hendrix, John Ross Bowie, Robert Bailey Jr., Barry Newman, Larry Brandenburg; D: Mark Vicente, William Arntz, Betsy Chasse; W: William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Matthew Hoffman; C: David Bridges; M: Christopher Franke.

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What the #$* ! Do We Know?

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