Wells, Angus

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WELLS, Angus

WELLS, Angus. Also writes as William S. Brady, J. B. Dancer, Charles C. Garrett, Matthew Kirk, James A. Muir, Charles R. Pike, J. D. Sandon, Ivan Evans. British, b. 1943. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy, Westerns/ Adventure. Career: Harris and Hunter, London, England, account executive; Sphere Books, London, publicity manager and editor; Thomas Nelson (publishing firm), London, publicity manager, until 1975; freelance writer, 1975-. Publications: FANTASY NOVELS AS ANGUS WELLS: Wrath of Ashar, 1988; The Usurper, 1989; The Way Beneath, 1990; Forbidden Magic, 1991; Lords of the Sky, 1994; Exile's Children, 1995; Exile's Challenge, 1996. FILM AND TELEVISION NOVELIZATIONS AS ANGUS WELLS, EXCEPT AS NOTED: Return of a Man Called Horse, 1976; (as Ian Evans) Starmaidens, 1977; The Brothers Macgregor, 1984; Big Deal, 1984; Roll Over Beethoven, 1985. EDITOR AS ANGUS WELLS: The Best of Arthur C. Clarke, 1973; The Best of Isaac Asimov, 1973; The Best of Robert Heinlein, 1973; The Best of John Wyndham, 1973; The Best of A.E. Van Vogt, 1974; The Best of Fritz Leiber, 1974; The Best of Frank Herbert, 1975; The Best of Clifford D. Simak, 1975. WESTERNS: AS WILLIAM S. BRADY. HAWK SERIES: The Sudden Guns, 1979; Death's Bounty, 1979; Fool's Gold, 1980; The Gates of Death, 1980; The Widowmaker, 1981; Killer's Breed, 1982; Border War, 1983. PEACEMAKER SERIES: Comanche!, 1981; Outlaws, 1981; Lynch Law, 1981; Blood Run, 1982; $1,000 Death, 1984; The Lost, 1984; Shootout!, 1984. AS J.B. DANCER: LAWMEN SERIES: Kansas, Bloody Kansas, 1977; Vengeance Trail, 1978; One Way to Die, 1980. AS CHARLES C. GARRETT: GUNSLINGER SERIES:Golden Gun, 1978; Fifty Calibre Kill, 1978; Rebel Vengeance, 1979; Peacemaker, 1980; The Russian Lode, 1980. AS MATTHEW KIRK: CLAW SERIES: Day of Fury, 1983; Vengeance Road, 1983; Yellow Stripe, 1983; The Wild Hunt, 1983; Blood for Blood, 1983; Death in Red, 1984. AS JAMES A. MUIR: BREED SERIES: The Lonely Hunt, 1976; The Silent Kill, 1977; Cry for Vengeance, 1977; Death Stage, 1977; The Gallows Tree, 1978; The Judas Goat, 1978; Time of the Wolf, 1978; Blood Debt, 1979; Blood Stock, 1979; Outlaw Road, 1979; The Dying and the Damned, 1980; Killer's Moon, 1980; Bounty Hunter, 1980; Spanish Gold, 1981; Slaughter Time, 1981; Bad Habits, 1981; The Day of the Gun, 1982; The Colour of Death, 1982; Blood Valley, 1983; Gundown, 1983; Blood Hunt, 1984; Apache Blood, 1985. AS CHARLES R. PIKE: JUBAL CADE SERIES: Killer Silver, 1975; Vengeance Hunt, 1976; The Burning Man, 1976; The Golden Dead, 1976; Death Wears Grey, 1976; Days of Blood, 1977; The Killing Ground, 1977; Brand of Vengeance, 1978; Bounty Road, 1978; Ashes and Blood, 1979; The Death Pit, 1980; Angel of Death, 1980; Mourning is Red, 1981; Bloody Christmas, 1981; Time of the Damned, 1982; The Waiting Game, 1982; Spoils of War, 1982; The Violent Land, 1983; Gallows Bait, 1983. AS J.D. SANDON: GRINGOS SERIES: Guns Across the River, 1979; Fire in the Wind, 1979; Easy Money, 1980; One Too Many Mornings, 1981; Survivors, 1982. Address: 34 Cresta Gardens, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5GD, England.