Wellman, John McDowell

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WELLMAN, John McDowell

WELLMAN, John McDowell. American, b. 1945. Genres: Plays/ Screenplays, Poetry, Novels. Career: Montgomery College, Rockville, MD, associate professor of English, 1969-72; Black Box magazine, editor, 1977; New York University, playwright-in-residence, 1981-82; Mentor Playwrights' Project, teacher of playwriting, 1984-92; Bellagio Study and Conference Center, Rockefeller Foundation, resident, 1991; University of New Mexico, PNM distinguished chair in playwriting, 1991; Atlantic Center for the Arts, master artist, 1991; Yale University School of Drama, playwright-inresidence, 1992; Princeton University, playwright-in-residence, 1992-93. Publications: PLAYS: Fama Combinatoria, 1975; The Memory Theatre of Giordano Bruno, 1976; Starluster, 1979; (Adapted from Lope de Vega) Dog in the Manger, 1982; The SelfBegotten, 1982; (with C. Congdon and B. Cohen) Phantomnation, 1983; The Professional Frenchman, 1984; Bodacious Flapdoodle, 1984; Energumen, 1985; The Bad Infinity, 1985; Harm's Way, 1985; The Nain Rouge, 1986; (with A. Bogart and M. Roth) 1951, 1986; Cleveland, 1986; (Adapted from the novel) Dracula, 1987; Peach Bottom Nuclear Reactor Full of Sleepers, 1988; Cellophane, 1988; Albanian Soft- shoe, 1988; Bad Penny, 1989; The Ninth World, 1989; Whirligig, 1989; Without Colors, 1989; Terminal Hip, 1990; Crowbar, 1990; Sincerity Forever, 1990; (with L. Jenkin) Tallahassee, 1991; Seven Blowjobs, 1991; A Murder of Crows, 1991; Coathanger, 1992; Strange Feet, 1993; Three Americanisms, 1993; The Land of Fog and Whistles, 1993; The Hyacinth Macaw, 1994; Why the Y? (In Ybor), 1994; Swoop, 1994; (with D. Van Tieghem) Absence of Mallets, 1994; The Sandalwood Box, 1994; tigertigertiger, 1994; The Bad Infinity: Eight Plays, 1994; Two Plays: A Murder of Crows and The Hyacinth Macaw, 1994; The Land beyond the Forest: Dracula and Swoop, 1995; London (In Ten Cities), 1996; Second-Hand Smoke, 1996; Infrared, 1996; Fnu Lnu, 1996; The Lesser Magoo, 1997; My Old Habit of Returning to Places, 1997; The Porcupine Man, 1998; No Smoking Piece, 1998; The Distance to the Moon, 1998; Eyes of the Panther, 1998; The Damned Thing, 1998; I Don't Know Who He Was and I Don't Know What He Said, 1998; The Difficulty of Crossing a Field, 1998; Cat's-Paw, 1998. POETRY: In Praise of Secrecy, 1977; Satires, 1985; A Shelf in Woop's Clothing, 1990. NOVELS: Whirligig, 1989; The Fortuneteller, 1991; Annie Salem: An American Tale, 1996. EDITOR: (and author of foreword) Theatre of Wonders: Six Contemporary American Plays, 1985; Seven Different Plays, 1988; Slant Six, 1990. Address: c/o Mitch Douglas, ICM, 40 West 57th St., New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.