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Unbreakable ★★½ 2000 (PG-13)

Willis reteams with “The Sixth Sense” writer/director Shyamalan for another spooky saga. He's not only the sole survivor of a train crash but he emerged without a scratch, which intrigues Jackson, who suffers from brittle bone disease. Shyamalan still knows how to hold attention, and the look and feel of the movie are mesmerizing, but this time the story doesn't quite hold up. You'll either find this one a keeper or a head-scratcher. 107m/C VHS, DVD . Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Wright Penn, Spencer (Treat) Clark, Charlaine Woodard, James Handy, Elizabeth Lawrence, Leslie Stefanson, Eamonn Walker; D: M. Night Shyamalan; W: M. Night Shyamalan; C: Eduardo Serra; M: James Newton Howard.